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Air Pollution in London

Air Pollution in London

Poor air quality has become a major problem for Londoners. Given the large amount of complex information circulating about the issue, we have put together this guide to provide a basic outline of the problem, explore the risks and learn what we can do about it.

Air pollution is anything that adversely affects the quality of the air we breath everyday. In big cities like London it normally refers to dirty or harmful fumes and particles present in the air. Although air pollution is not a new problem for London, the risks it poses are better under- stood than ever and as the city grows into the future, many people are very concerned about pollution levels and the effects they may be having on our health.

What causes it?

Poor air quality has a huge number of causes. In London, it typically comes from road and other transport of all kinds, along with industry, construction, energy and waste processing. There are many other smaller sources of air pollution, but these are the most prominent causes.

Is it dangerous?

Unfortunately it has been proven conclusively that poor air quality is harmful to our health. Nevertheless, it affects people differently so it is necessary for people to consider their own specific health requirements when thinking about how vulnerable they are to air pollution.

How bad is the problem in Westminster?

Poor air quality is a huge problem in the UK, which often lags behind many other developed countries for air quality. London is routinely among the most polluted parts of the UK and as a result, poor air quality in the capital is now considered by many to be a serious public health concern. Unfortunately, due to dense population, road networks, transport centres, commercial and leisure infrastructure, Westminster is often among the most polluted areas of London.

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