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Don’t take child protection for granted

Don’t take child protection for granted. Protecting children from abuse and neglect is one of the most important responsibilities we have – as a society and as citizens in a democracy. But central government is about to shirk its responsibility and cut off funding for child protection. Whilst it’s our councils which make sure we have the right local services and professionals to keep children safe from harm, we trust central government to ensure those vital services are properly funded, wherever children need them, by distributing our taxes fairly. This arrangement is about to be broken. The government is withdrawing the ‘formula grant’ that councils rely on for almost all child protection and care services1. Under current plans, by 2020 central government will not contribute any money at all to the services protecting our most vulnerable children. Councils – and children – will be set adrift.

You can carry on reading and download the full PDF here Children tax

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