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londonprintstudio opening party

London Print Studio

Invitation –
from Paddington
Printshop 1975 – 1990

‘Active in housing issues, squatters’ rights, anti-nuclear resistance, and radical politics, the posters of Paddington Print Shop drew aesthetic influence from those of the French May 68’ posters, 1960s psychedelic posters, and political propaganda posters of South America and the Soviet Union. With a worldview steeped in late 1960s radicalism, and especially influenced by philosophers of critical pedagogy and de-schooling like Paulo Freire and Ivan Illich, the artists at Paddington actively worked with and taught embattled and marginalized people to produce posters and art as a means for social change.

Whether struggling against the Westminster City Council’s decision to sell its homes to developers, advocating for squatters, the homeless, or for a woman’s right to choose, the artists’ affiliated with Paddington sought to use public posters and art as means for changing social conditions…

Among the most compelling burst of creative energy in the realm of the political poster post-1968, the body of work created by Paddington Print Shop in the 1970s and 1980s is as fresh and relevant as it was 40 years ago.’

Boo Hooray, New York Art Book Fair, MOMA, September 2017

We’re proud to present this special show, as we grew out of Paddington Printshop. Like Polish film poster artists – who were an influence – the Paddington Printshop posters were artist-driven. Paradoxically, some of the posters and prints produced by the Printshop have now become collectors’ items.

Unlike many political poster makers of the time, John Phillips, Pippa Smith and the Printshop team engaged directly with different social causes. This freedom meant that the work produced was often more akin to fine art than commercial design, and at times painterly rather than graphic.

Working with everyone – from community groups to local musicians like the Sex Pistols and Joe Strummer – Paddington Printshop grew to develop a special style. Its relationship with the local community extended the impact of socially engaged art in the UK.

More detailed description available here.
We would love for you to join us for the opening party for this special and timely show.

Opening Party: Tuesday 13th February 2018, 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Exhibition runs from: Wednesday 14th February – End of April 2018

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