Waitrose & Partners launched a £1 million grant fund for projects designed to reduce unnecessary plastic and tackle plastic pollution.  

The application period has now closed. Please visit the website Plan Plastic to find out about the successful projects from June 2019.

Launched today (28 January), Plan Plastic – The Million Pound Challenge will award money, over one year, to projects that can demonstrate an impact on plastic pollution now and in the future. The retailer is partnering with environmental charity Hubbub to support the chosen projects and measure the impact of the .

The £1 million fund has been raised from the sale of 5p carrier bags and grants will range from £150,000 to £300,000.

Applications for Plan Plastic are open until 24 February and the fund is open to a range of organisations including charities, academic bodies, social enterprises, and schools & colleges, across the following project areas:

  • Plastics in the community – projects encouraging and enabling plastic recycling and the circular economy linked to social impact, for example, promoting wellbeing in the community.
  • Education – campaigns aimed at children and young people to raise awareness and change behaviour to reduce plastic pollution.
  • Public behaviour change – projects inspiring and enabling new ways of shopping and consuming.
  • Food, agriculture and farming – projects focusing on finding alternatives, reducing use, and increasing reuse of plastics in the food, agriculture and farming industries.
  • Micro plastics – projects aimed at identifying the impact, reducing the prevalence and preventing micro plastic pollution.

Continue reading this article on the UK Fundraising website and how to apply via Plan Plastic ...