Zodiac Arts in partnership with the Trinidad and Tobago weightlifting Federation (TTOWF) will be delivering British Weightlifting 1st4Sport Qualifications.
This is our latest and most rewarding initiative to now take a recognised vocational qualification to the young and disadvantaged sectors of our community to give them hope, discipline and focus on a brighter future in Trinidad and Tobago. These qualifications will be delivered at first in a young offenders institute. We are also looking for sponsorship so if you are interested please get in contact with Laurence Carbon by email [email protected]

IWF (International Weightlifting Federation) Laura Denise Ramsay-Overall Category 2 Technical Official and head coach, alongside Laurence Carbon sport therapist would like to say ...
A big thank you to all at British Weightlifting, IWF 1st4sport the High Commission of Trinidad & Tobago as well as our supporters, friends and family who have been the most encouraging and positive group of people anyone could ask for. 
The dream is now a reality, we will be taking BRITISH WEIGHTLIFTING trans-Atlantic.

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