Workplace Health – Expert help is here!

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Experienced Osteopath Robin Lansman has provided in-house training for smaller & International companies and provided Employee workshops and professional advice on Work Place Health & Well being for over 30 years.

Osteopathy is a safe and effective form of Primary Health Care.
We are an AHP Allied Health Profession recognised by NHS England
Following our Practice charter our Osteopaths will explain:
• Why you are in pain
• How long your recovery should take
• How many treatments you should need over what period
• When it is ideal to return to full physical activity
• When it is most appropriate to be referred to another professional
We seek to restore optimal functioning of your body where possible reducing reliance on painkillers, or earlier than necessary surgery. Our patient-centered approach to health and well-being means we consider your symptoms in the context of your full medical history, as well as your lifestyle and personal circumstances.

Workstation Review
Body Back-Up Workstation reviews could save money by advising on using existing Equipment more effectively. COST-EFFECTIVE INDEPENDENT EXPERT ADVICE. Help selecting chairs & office furniture
• The average cost of one new workstation Desk, Adjustable chair & Screen raiser is between £750 to £2000.
• Our Consultancy rates for a whole office team often amount to less than a single Workstation purchase!
• All staff who are workstation users are required by law to have a workstation assessment each year.
• Back pain alone accounts for more work absence than any other single condition!
• Making Sense of Workstation Assessments with our easy to follow action plan.
• Does your organisation lose working days because of Back-related pain?
• Have workstation changes been suggested?
• Are you concerned about your budget and making the right choices that WORK long-term?
• We have a range of low-cost options to help.

"Our aim is to support our patients at all life stages. We look at your health from an Osteopathic, holistic perspective in the context of your lifestyle. We use up-to-date knowledge and experienced hands-on skills to inform our diagnosis and treatment plan".
Our Maida Vale Library Practice in W9 is ideally placed for Paddington W2 and Westbourne Park, a 5 minute walk from Warwick Avenue Bakerloo Line.
We can offer an Osteopath lead "Muscle and Joint Pain Help

Body Back Up