The coloured discs alongside the Roman chair were purchased with the funds sponsored by Local Giving.

Zodiac Arts Zodiac Arts
Preparation technique and correct holding of the bar bell positioning is essential for lifting the bar correctly. 

The benefits from roman chair includes improving core stability

Zodiac Arts Zodiac Arts

An empty bar helps builds confidence and technic for all abilities.

Without the additional support from the Local Giving team students will have to wait longer to use the weights.
We are able to have allocated equipment for beginners and those with disabilities.
Zodiac Arts (West London Lifters) will accept any donated equipment to help coach, and improve the sport.

Zodiac Arts

Zodiac Arts head coach Laura Denise (Coach LD) is also an International (IWF) referee.
The International Weight Lifting Federation. 

Zodiac Arts

Zodiac Arts very own Laurence Carbon as well as being a qualified weightlifting instructor is also a sports therapist specialising in sports massage alongside Chinese Cupping.

Coach LD is also a GP referral instructor and a level 4 strength and conditioning coach. Our aim to profile a quality service with aftercare advice to all of our participants.

Zodiac Arts would like to thank the Local Giving Team for their expertise and support in this venture.

Local Giving Zodiac Arts