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Age Innovation Hub

Do you have an idea for how technology could help us age more healthily? 

UCL Age Innovation Hub is your chance to shape the future of innovation. Tell us your ideas for technology that helps older people lead better, healthier, happier lives. Our scientists and engineers will then develop new technologies to help solve the needs and problems found.


As a population, we’re living longer than ever before. Half of the babies born in the UK today will reach their 100th birthday.  However, older people are faced with many challenges, like loneliness, loss of their independence, and disability. The COVID-19 pandemic has also hit older people particularly hard in many ways. 
Researchers at UCL want to change this. But we need your help.

We want to know:

  • What types of technology would help you, the people you work with or your family and friends? 
  • Are there any age-related challenges you or a loved one face that you’d like help with? 
How can I get involved?
  • Post your ideas: read our tips for submitting your idea and making it stand out from the crowd 
  • Comment and vote: show your support for other people’s ideas by giving them a thumbs-up or leaving some encouraging feedback. 
  • Invite your friends, colleagues and loved ones to get involved
  • Read more about what UCL researchers are already doing 

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