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Technology for good in Westminster

PDT launches new grant for young people in memory of its Vice Chair

The Craig Macdonald Award

PDT has launched a new grant for young people or youth organisations using technology for good in Westminster.

The Craig Macdonald Award will be given to the person or organisation who best demonstrates how they would use technology either for community benefit, or to meaningfully improve a young life. It is open both to Westminster residents between the age of 16-25, or organisations who serve them, and in the first year will constitute a one-off award for £2,000.

Applicants are encouraged to explain:

  • Who or what the award is for
  • Why they should be awarded the grant
  • What the grant will be spent on
  • What impact the award will have

Submit your application below

Applications to be sent before midnight on the 30th November 2020. They will be reviewed by the board, and the winner announced on 11th December.

For more information you can email us at

Go to the following page if you would like to support the Craig Macdonald Award

Craig macdonald
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