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Business Planning in a Digital Age

Business planning in a digital age a workshop reserved for Westminster residents only.

We are sorry this event has been cancelled we will update you in due course when we will be rescheduling.

About this Workshop

An introductory seminar for anyone who is thinking of setting up a small business or becoming self-employed. This Seminar will cover the very important Business Plan that will outline a strategy for turning an idea into reality and will also provide a reality check in case an idea just isn’t feasible.

  • Without a plan you are likely to fail! This is a fact. 
  • If you need cash to start-up you will need a plan. 
  • If you have cash, then plan how you will spend it otherwise you will lose it. 
  • Business Planning in a digital age …

Digital technology is constantly redefining how we do business. Consumers today expect to communicate with businesses using a website that is optimised for mobile phones and more, the strategies outlined in the business plan should facilitate such communication.

This will be the first step to identify the information you will need in your business plan.

Seminar places are limited to 15 to ensure a more interactive learning environment. Come along and network with your peers and meet similar-minded people on a face to face basis.

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