PDT Shrabani case studyMy name is Shrabani Haldar and I work as a W/P Admin support and a trainee assessor at PDT. My journey with PDT started in 2014, the day I first walked in the PDT Office B, Norland House with a friend of mine to enroll myself on a course to do a qualification on Health and Social Care. I took seven years of career break to raise my daughter. Being a full time mum I enjoyed every moment of seeing my child grow but it completely took me away from the professional world. I was little unsure of taking the decision of doing this qualification as I was still making up my mind if that is the correct time to get back to the main stream of life.

The friendly environment of PDT and the warm and cordial welcome of the members of staff and their kind and compassionate behaviour helped me to take the right decision on that day. I am ever thankful to Mr Hoss Malek (Head of Skills Training), Ms Mayette Esdicul (MIS Manager), Noemi Suyat (Admin Co-ordinator), Somiya Ibrahim (IAG and recruitment Co-ordinator) and Esther Tavener (Senior Tutor Assessor) and others for always motivating me, supporting me and helping me to rebuild my confidence in doing and achieving.

PDT gave me an opening for advancement of my career and the opportunity to complete two qualification courses which helped me to develop my skills. After successful completion of the qualification in Health and Social Care, I completed my Level 3 in Early Years Educator which is a worked based qualification that helped me to become a qualified childcare practitioner. While doing the course I got an opportunity to volunteer in a nursery childcare setting to gain experience working with children along with gaining my knowledge and understanding on the subject by attending the class once a week to help me complete the assignments on the units and topics on supporting children with their learning and development to fulfill the requirement of the qualification. While I was on my work placement, I was offered a job from the nursery to work as the nursery supervisor.

After achieving this qualification, I got the job offer from PDT to work as a Work placement Officer to support and provide a quality work placement service by liaising effectively with learners in the planning and preparation of work placements across the centre curriculum. For me this was a dream come true which made me feel on top of the world and gave me a new dimension to my life.

The guidance and support from tutors/assessors and all the members of the staffs has helped me regain my confidence which enabled me to step into the professional world again. After working for a year, PDT gave me another opportunity to develop my skills and to enroll myself on Assessor Award qualification to become an assessor. Now I have started working as a trainee assessor assisting the senior tutors/ assessors to gain experience of teaching and assessing our Level 2 and Level 3 learners to fulfill the qualification requirement. Today I am extremely happy to work as part of the PDT team and look forward to fulfilling my ambition and going higher up in the coming years.

Shrabani Haldar