Community Festivals line-up for 2019

Free Paddington Summer Festival July - September 

Westbourne Community Festival - 16th June The Canalside Warwick Estate - Paddington

Grand Junction Festival - 29th June 1-4pm St Mary Magdalene Church, Rowington Close W2 5TF

WECH Summer Festival 7th July in Tamplin Mews Gardens W9

Queens Park Summer Festival 3rd August at Queens Park Community Gardens W10

Paddington Jam! A celebration of Cultural and Creative activities in the area is on the 14th September at the new WECH Community Hall on Elgin Avenue W9

Events @ Maida Hill Market - every Friday evening from 4pm - 8pm

Live 6-8pm 

  • 21 June BIG EAT Choir live Music 
  • 28 June LIVE MUSIC / Magic Bubbles
  • 5 July Choir and Karaoke 
  • 19 July LIVE MUSIC / mini Circus
  • 30 August Carnival Detox 
  • 6 September Spoken Word

From 4-6pm

Creative Recycle Workshop
Street Sports Pin Pong

Sat 13th July - Let's Dance Not Fight!
Sat 17th August - Caribbean Day
Sun 18 August - Irish Day

Would you like to support one of Paddington's community festivals in 2019?

There are a number of local festivals and events that need Stewards and Event Support volunteers across North and South Westminster

For more information please contact [email protected]