Community Festivals line-up

Westbourne Festive Winter Event 6th December 2-5pm

Queens Park Community Council presents the 5th Annual Winter Festival!

Over 50's Festive Party Wednesday 5th December 1pm - 4pm

Venue: St Jude's Hall, Ilbert Street, W10 4QJ

Outdoor Winter Fair Saturday 8th December 2pm - 4pm

Venue: Queen's Park Gardens, Ilbert Street, W10 4QJ

The Westbourne Food Festival! Food, Music and Fun! January 26th 3pm - 6pm 

Venue: The Stowe Centre

Paddington Summer Festival July - September 

WECH Summer Festival

Queens Park Community Festival

Westbourne Community Festival 

Church Street Interfaith Community Day 'Bringing Communities Together'

Would you like to support our community festivals for 2019?

There are a number of local festivals and events that need Stewards and Event Support volunteers across North and South Westminster

For more information please contact [email protected]