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Film Festival Their Story

Their Story 2021

Award winners of the Craig Macdonald Awards

Twenty three years ago Isotta & Ellie met at the gates of their primary school on the Harrow Road in Paddington. Twenty two years later they went into business together, wanting to share stories of their area through film. They also wanted to share some of the knowledge and resources they had accumulated over the years whilst hoping to contribute to changing the way arts was accessed. In the last year, after they founded @theirstoryfilms, they set up, funded and now run a training programme for young people, producing over 10 films about their local community and won an award. On the 31st of July, it all came together at the inaugural film festival showcasing the work of friends and students. What a celebration it was!

Brent & Kilburn Times
Two Childhood Friends launch Film Festival in Kilburn

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