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Please read our Guest Blog criteria below before submitting a piece for consideration.


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What We Don’t Publish

  • Link-building posts
  • Duplicate content
  • Repetitive content: if it’s a topic we’ve already covered, you must have a fresh angle or new information to add.
  • Any article we deem to be offensive 

Type of Content We Publish

All content needs to be informational. We especially like articles that focus on communities.


  • There are no length requirements for the article , it can be as long or as short as necessary to make the desired points.
  • Make the content easy to read by breaking up large blocks of text.
  • We will allow a text link pointing back to your website in the post.

Review Process

All content submitted to us will be looked at by our team and must meet our quality standards in order to be published.

PDT will make the final decision on whether or not to publish any content submitted to us. We reserve the right to not publish a guest post. PDT reserves the right to edit or modify your post as we deem necessary, but we will send you an updated copy for review before publishing to our blog.

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