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Local Art Exhibition

Artist Sheena Barnes Pop UP Art Exhibition

Saturday 25th September 2021 – 2pm – 7pm
St. Paul’s URC, 22 Newton Road, London W2 5LS

New work 1st show for three years. Toast the relaunch of my art business and celebrate being able to meet again.
RSVP with an idea of arrival time.

Upcoming Exhibition one day only Paintings, Prints and Drawings

Jaz Artist Sheena Barnes


“Inspired by the excitement and atmosphere of dance performances and jazz clubs, Sheena Barnes has long been making paintings that transpose moments from concerts onto canvas. Aiming to capture and record physical dexterity and grace of a dancer, or the intense concentration of a musician, the resulting works have been colourful, atmospheric abstracts which convey the sensual, intense power of a body in performance.”

David Gleeson, Art Critic

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