Grand Junction at St Mary Magdalene's Paddington

Grand Junction St Mary Magdalene's brings a restored Grade 1 Listed heritage jewel with a modern purpose built Living Heritage Centre – London’s newest community and cultural venue. The new centre extends the performance and artistic use of the Church as well as providing a new lobby and entrance shared with the Living Heritage Centre that houses new educational resources and a canal-side Café and Bar.

The combination of the two buildings brings together culture and community in a unique mix that is now open to local and London audiences. The new building represents the latest addition to London’s cultural offer in an area that reflects the diversity and changing demographic of London’s local communities.

St Mary Magdalens Church Paddington

St Mary Magdalene's Paddington
The now restored magnificence of 19th Century Victorian decoration will attract local, national and international visitors. 

The events, arts and performance programme provide's a unique and affordable venue for local and London artists, poets, musicians, theatre goers and choirs.

The Heritage Centre will now be home to local schools and community organisations who will enjoy a wide range of creative activities and cultural workshops designed to widen inclusive cultural and creative horizons.

The Grand Junction Café offers local people and tourists a canal-side eating experience as well as provide audiences with a complete night-out – including bar and catering resources. 

Grand Junction St Mary Magdalene's offer a range of local volunteering opportunities.

Tel: 020 7266 8258

For more information please contact PDT CEO Neil Johnston [email protected]

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