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13-25? Submit your photos to win prizes and be part of Photoworks Festival!

Photoworks and English Heritage want those between 13 and 25 to photograph images that represent their untold heritage; to document the people, places, and communities that have shaped you at this moment in history, and the heritage you will hand down to future generations.
Images shared will be viewed by a panel of curators, young people and award-winning artist Alejandra Carles-Tolra. The best will be selected for a place in the digital Photoworks Festival and a chance to win a number of other prizes, including:

  • mentoring opportunities
  • photography equipment
  • book bundles
  • English Heritage merchandise & membership
  • a Photoworks Friend subscription

For more information about the competition and how to submit your photographs, visit the Photoworks website. Deadline for submissions is the 18th September.  

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