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Bridging the Digital Divide Project

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During December 2022 the PDT Employment Team was able to help 200 unemployed people in West and Central London carry on with their training courses and job search by providing a laptop computer to use at home.

The Bridging Digital Divide Project was Fully funded by the European Social Fund ESF

Covid and lockdown have driven many of us to our home computers for everyday tasks like shopping, studying or even talking to friends. But if you don’t have a computer at home, or you are having to compete with children’s online homework, then life can become very difficult.

A short survey carried out by PDT showed that, without colleges or libraries available, our unemployed participants were very often without much access to IT at all. This was particularly true for mothers. It was extremely welcome therefore that ESF funding was made available to help us buy and loan out 175 laptops and 85 dongles (to provide a data allowance). These were allocated by the Employment team and its community organisation partners during December to people’s homes.

It was quite a mad rush to get them out to people before Christmas,” says Ola Badamosi, PDT’s Head of Programmesbut we really wanted to make sure our clients could carry on with their courses and applying for jobs.”

This is the best Christmas present EVER!!”, A client from Westminster texted after her computer arrived. “When you are not working it can seem like you have dropped out of sight but this means I can keep going with my Childcare qualification.”

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