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PDT – what we do

Paddington Development Trust

Our Story

In 1997 a group of local citizens gathered together and resolved to reverse years of decline and socio-economic neglect of four wards in the Paddington area, all sitting on the northern borders of the City of Westminster, one of the wealthiest areas in the world. In 1998 we formed Paddington Development Trust and since then, through a series of community-based innovations and partnerships, we have raised over £70,000,000 invested in people, local infrastructure, children and families.

Through the Neighbourhood Forums, we have remained committed to local power and governance, and we’ve assisted in the formation of Queens Park Community Council, the first civic council in London with Parish authority.

Even with the devastating effects of Covid19 and the years of austerity suffered by local communities all over the country, PDT has maintained a commitment to community-based solutions that directly address inequality and poverty, and now embrace the Sustainable Development Goals, the Declared Climate Emergency, and social justice for communities locally and globally.