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Climate Champions

Climate Champion Role Description

Role context: 
We have seen that climate change is already impacting our local areas. The summers are hotter and drier, the winters are warmer and wetter and making our homes and the public spaces we enjoy more at risk of flooding, such as in July 2021. As local residents, people who work here, and people who love the area, we see how this has changed over time, and understand the main issues facing us.

The Paddington Development Trust is working with Westminster City Council to build up local people’s knowledge, confidence and connections to their communities through the Climate Champions. They are a group of local people who will be creating and working on projects in North Paddington to make the area more resistant to climate change related weather conditions, cleaner, greener, and healthier. Through their ability to empower others and share knowledge, they’ll also be creating a community that is aware of the risks facing them, and able to create the change they need to see. 

Purpose of the role: 
To help make North Paddington a healthier, greener, and more sustainable neighbourhood by informing, engaging, and inspiring the wider community to take environmentally friendly action. 

Minimum time commitment:  
At least 3 hours a week 

Key areas of responsibility: 

  • Share key messages with others to improve local knowledge about environmental issues and solutions 
  • Gather local insights on attitudes, barriers and opportunities towards environmental action  
  • Support a number of environmental activities and projects, and attend local community events  
  • Help assess what projects and activities are working well in the local area 


  • Receive free accredited training to grow your environmental knowledge, as well as a variety of free non-accredited training based on what Champions request.  
  • Improve skills and abilities in delivering effective environmental action  
  • Work with local, like-minded people to make a positive difference in your community  
  • Enhance employability skills and access tailored support from PDT’s employment team  
  • Receive reimbursements where appropriate e.g., travel to training, lunch if volunteering more than 3 hours.  
  • Work with other Community and Maternity Champions; a chance to be part of a structured and supported network of volunteers who can learn from and support one another 
  • Make new friends and feel a part of your community 

Skills, abilities and attitudes needed (person specification):

  • A basic understanding, or a desire to gain an understanding of environmental issues and solutions  
  • A passion for shaping, supporting, delivering, and inspiring collective environmental action in Westbourne, Queen’s Park and Harrow Road 
  • Behave professionally and be willing to positively represent Paddington Development Trust and Westminster City Council
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills including written and spoken English 
  • Be a reliable and on time person 
  • Enjoy meeting and building connections with others  
  • A non-judgemental attitude and an understanding that there are conflicting views around climate-friendly action  
  • Over 18 

Join the Green North Paddington News WhatsApp Group. You’ll receive messages on a Friday with information about green events in the following weeks. Only admins can post, please text Lola on 07762 825 271 if you want her to share any information.’

With any questions, or if you’d like to be a Climate Champion please contact Lola on 07762 825 271 or

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