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SWEET Project

Ola Badamosi

Ola Badamosi Deputy CEO focusing on employment and economic development strategy

The SWEET Programme

The COVID-19 crisis won’t last forever. As lockdown lessens, people will come back out of their homes and many will start looking for opportunities. Our advisers are here to help you find them!

  • Wellbeing – our advisers will help you get the support you need to stay happy and well.
  • Use your time – at home to start a training course, revise your CV and practise interview skills.
  • Prepare now – to make sure you are at the front of the queue when employers take on more new workers.
  • Search and apply – there are jobs out there now or you could look for things for the near future.

So get in touch today for a telephone or online chat with our team! The service is independent, confidential and completely FREE
Get ahead, get committed!
call us on 020 7266 8254 or email

The Sweet Project

The SWEET project is designed to help women make changes in their lives and achieve their goals. It helps women from ethnic minorities in West London who would like to get a full or part time job or at least to take the first steps towards getting a job, for example by starting some training or doing a work placement. The Project is funded by the European Social Fund and the National Lottery, through the Big Lottery Fund.

The Partners

Paddington Development Trust is the lead partner coordinating the programme. It works with the following partners:

  • Urban Partnership Group (UPG)
  • Get Set
  • Equi-Vision
  • Belina Consulting

The partners work with women from Hammersmith and Fulham; Harrow; Brent; Ealing; Barnet; Hillingdon and Hounslow.

What SWEET offers

  • Your own personal advise
  • Free, friendly, confidential, one to one appointments
  • Help to generate a good CV
  • Encouragement to develop your skills and confidence
  • Help with English, if you need it
  • Links to full and part time jobs
  • Informed guidance to find the right training course or small business start-up
  • Friendly groups with other women
  • Workshops within the community
  • A little extra help with childcare and clothes

If you would like to know more, or to join the programme, please call 020 7266 8254 or email

These are the community leaders of the future!
SWEET is led by PDT using funding from the National Lottery and the European Social Fund. The course was organised locally by Belina Grow who recruited suitable candidates from the Hillingdon area and then provided a Bengali translator. The tutor, Helen Rankin, came from another SWEET partner, Elatt. Participants learned to make speeches; organise events and how to get their points across in meetings. Many of the participants hope to use their new talents in the education sector.

You can find out more about opportunities at Belina:

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