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Abby Carter

Abi Carter (Chair)

Abi is Head of Growth and Partnerships at Dot Dot Dot, a social enterprise that bring empty properties back into use by filling them with property guardians who then volunteer in their local communities …
She got to know PDT from her previous roles as Head of Strategy and then as Director of the charitable foundation at Marylebone Cricket Club at Lord’s Cricket Ground, a near neighbour of PDT in Westminster. She worked in the area for 12 years, and joined the board of trustees in the summer of 2016, becoming Chair in 2017.

PDT Trustee Andy Watson

Andy Watson
Chief Executive Walterton and Elgin Community Homes (WECH) Andy has worked at WECH since 1992. WECH is a resident controlled community based Housing Association located in North Paddington. WECH was formed by the transfer of the Walterton and Elgin Estates from Westminster City Council following a successful campaign by the residents to preserve their homes. Andy has played a central role in the delivery of a development programme at WECH that has successfully spent over £40m improving WECH’s existing homes and building new ones. WECH has established itself as an anchor organisation in a deprived ward and has engaged in a range of community development and support activities including youth activities, employment advice, benefits and debt advice, organising community festivals and community safety advice through its Police in residence scheme. Andy has worked extensively with architects, surveyors, quantity surveyors, development agents and contractors on a range of projects including the refurbishment of single properties, the refurbishment of estates, the demolition of tower blocks and the construction of new build homes. He is working closely with WECH consultants, on the £17million improvement of the Elgin estate which will see 43 new homes, a community centre, nursery and offices built over the next three years. Andy is a Trustee of PDT, Chair of the North Paddington Society, Chair of the Maida Hill Neighbourhood Forum and Treasurer of the Dutch Pot Lunch and Social Club.

PDT Trustee Ines Newman

Ines Newman
Ines Newman started her career working as a town planner for Westminster City Council responsible for the environmental improvement programme in North Paddington. She went on to work as an advocate planner for community groups and trades councils in the Docklands area before becoming an economic development officer for Hackney followed by Harlow. From 1999-2007 she was Head of Policy at the Local Government Information Unit and then worked for the local government centre at Warwick University. She is very pleased to be a trustee on PDT and get back to her roots.

Dr Maryam

Dr Maryam Zonouzi
Dr Maryam Zonouziis a social entrepreneur, academic, disability activist, business and technology innovator. She worked in the voluntary sector before moving into social enterprise as a way of accelerating change for individuals with care and support needs. Maryam is the co-author of ‘Personalisation and Social Work’ and ‘Community Health Nursing 5th Edition’ where she wrote extensively on co-production and patient & public engagement. Her academic and research  interests include exploring how to disrupt professional practice to improve the lives of service users and professionals alike. Maryam is a co-founder of Ginger Giraffe Cooperative a user led disability organisation  working to improve housing,
care, support and employment arrangements for disabled people.

Yvann Stephens

Yvann Stephens
Yvann is Deputy Head of Finance at Marylebone Cricket Club, the owners of Lord’s Cricket Ground. She has worked in the area for three years, and became aware of PDT’s work through a personal friendship. She joined the board of trustees as Treasurer in spring 2020. A German-born, UK-educated Australian, she read Physics at Oxford before escaping to London to become an accountant, training with and reaching the position of Senior Manager in audit at KPMG, before moving to MCC. Women’s education and career development and assistance for refugees are causes very close to her heart. She is a mother of young children, a serial language learner and an unashamed Excel fan. PDT is her first formal charity involvement and she is excited to get started.

Bill Jacob
Bill Jacob has benefited from being involved in North Paddington for over twenty years, originally overseeing and encouraging Anglican clergy and congregations in the area, and building links with faith groups. Throughout he has supported the regeneration of St Mary Magdalene’s Paddington – Grand Junction as a community asset and hub, currently as chair of PDT’s project board. Before working in Westminster he was involved in training Anglican and Methodist clergy. Since he was a student he has been involved in a wide variety of ways with community engagement and adult education projects. He has published extensively on the social history of religion in 18th and 19th century England and Wales.

Hasna Kahlalech (Bio to follow)