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A Virtual Exhibition

Building Grand Junction A Virtual Exhibition

This virtual exhibition introduces the conservation of St Mary Magdalene Church, Paddington, and the construction of a new community wing.

Presented through a timeline of events, Building Grand Junction tells the story of the project’s origins, its ambitious aspirations, and the design challenges faced along the way.

“There were buckets when it rained and changing a light bulb was a health and safety nightmare.”

Fr Jonathan Wilkes, Priest-in-Charge at St Mary Magdalene’s [2004 – 2006]

CURATION: Cas Bradbeer, Heritage Pioneer Volunteer
PHOTOGRAPHY: Cheryl Prax, Anthony Coleman, Ian Hessenberg, Torsten Schlicht, Martin Plocek, Philip Wolmuth, Anna Kunst, Zoe Savitz and Nicky Chakravorty.

In celebration of the launch of this exhibition, Grand Junction are releasing two new films to delve further into the challenges of restoring, and building onto, a Grade I listed Victorian church. Visit the Grand Junction website to view.

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