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Congratulations to Saida’s Kitchen!

Plant based Cooking Sauces

Congratulations to Saida Bairak, a North Paddington local woman, as a vibrant explosion of tastes is about to occur! Saida’s Kitchen offers varied and special spice mixes that have been produced over millennia of blending different cultures.

Saida’s Kitchen offers a great selection of delicious African cooking sauces inspired by the countries of this diverse continent. Her African home-made sauce business was founded by Saida in 2017 with the help of the Paddington Development Trust Employment team. Despite a tough start, Sainsbury’s Thrive awarded the brand a spot as an incubator for black-led food businesses in 2022. There are three types of Ethiopian, Somalian, and Moroccan sauces that will be available in Sainsbury’s in June 2024 as part of Saida’s newly designed range of African inspired sauces.

Saida's Kitchen African Sauces
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