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Digital Dash North Paddington

Digital Dash North Paddington competition for young adults

Earlier in 2023, in the Digital Dash North Paddington competition for young adults, teams collaborated with mentors from renowned technology firms such as Visa, Cognizant Finastra, and Optum. The competition was entertaining, useful, and gave young adults the chance to network with new people in their community and industry professionals while gaining real-world experience that would help them build a career. Different training classes covering digital marketing, product creation, entrepreneurship, career support, CV writing, and Al were given every week.

Personal Development: Through project-based learning and collaboration, participants improved their digital skills, problem-solving ability, critical thinking skills, creativity, and teamwork. These abilities help with general human growth and are applicable to many facets of life. Participants acquired useful skills that will increase their employability. Interacting with speakers, other competitors, and industry professionals was part of the competition. Developing connections with like-minded people and business leaders created openings for collaborations, jobs, and internships.

As part of the programme, participants looked at a variety of job options. Jobs in digital media, e-commerce, app development, cybersecurity, and even starting your own IT company were among them. Tech-related occupations frequently offer excellent pay and employment security. Mentors were allocated to each team, and they offered priceless advice and assistance. Mentors provided career guidance, industry insights, and tailored feedback on each participant’s advancement. Additionally, they provided networking opportunities and employer connections for internships, jobs, and work experience.

The program’s objectives were to improve employability and give participants access to some of the biggest corporations in the world. All teams had an opportunity to pitch for a chance to win £1000 at the conclusion of the three months.

Most of all Fun! The course included free social evenings where participants could meet like-minded individuals and tour some of the biggest digital companies in the world.

North Paddington’s Digital Dash, a jobs fair on Harrow Road that brought together young people and multinational corporations, was a buzz of activity. It provided a chance for North Westminster residents with digital and tech skills, aged 18 to 25, to learn more about jobs in the tech sector.

Digital Dash Careers Fair north Paddington November 2023

In December the #DigitalDash participants were hosted by Westminster City Hall, where they presented their ideas to prominent companies such as Design for Social Change (d4Sc), Bloomberg Associates, Goldman Sachs, and PA Media.

Digital Dash Competition Awards Night at the House of Commons February 8th 2024

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