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Esol in English entry 3

This course is designed to be flexible so we can support anyone based in the UK looking to improve their English. Our ESOL Skills for Life qualification is designed for speakers of other languages, who want/need to improve their understanding and use of written or spoken English.

This qualification is designed to help learners of all ages, supporting them to confidently develop their practical English skills needed for real-life situations, such as:

  • getting a job and/or progressing at work
  • further learning and education
  • accessing public services
  • everyday life in an English-speaking environment

When you join this free course (subject to eligibility), you will need to complete a short test at the start, known as an initial assessment. This will help to decide which ESOL qualification is right for you.

Being able to use spoken and written English effectively is vital for almost any career. We will support you to gain the knowledge, understanding and confidence needed to complete this course. This course total running length is 60 hours, all of which will be guided learning in taught session with your tutor.

Learners will have access to online resources, which will form part of the weekly teaching sessions. Students are also encouraged to use these resources outside of class time to expand their knowledge and understanding.

Please note, if you plan to use this qualification to support an application for permanent Settlement or Naturalisation in the UK, you also need to ensure you have met all the other requirements set out by the Home Office.

For further information email us at

Address: Stowe Centre, 258 Harrow Road, W2 5ES

Phone: 0207 2668 241