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Leave No One Behind

North Paddington 18 – 25’s

Employment Support Needs

About this report:

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and the advent of the North Paddington
Programme, Paddington Development Trust, Westminster Council and Young
Westminster Foundation collaborated in jointly commissioning the research behind
this report.

The report aims to provide greater insight into the disconnect between young job
seekers in North Paddington (defined as the electoral wards of Westbourne, Harrow
Road and Queen’s Park in the northwest of Westminster) and the labour market on
their doorstep. Many of the findings will be relevant to other neighbourhoods
suffering similar levels of exclusion around the City of Westminster.

The action research heard directly from 18-25s in North Paddington and how they
need to be supported to become economically independent.

The research was conducted between late January to May 2023 and engaged 78 18–
25-year-olds living in and around the three wards of interest (Westbourne, Harrow
Road and Queen’s Park).

Responses to an online survey informed further inquiry through four Focus Groups
and two 1-1 interviews.

In addition to a wide literature review (see bibliography), interviews were held with
20 providers and professionals in the field (see appendix 1)

Training on methodology was provided by the University of Westminster, and four
students recruited and trained as peer researchers with specialist training provided in
thematic analysis to ensure an objective appraisal of the results (Clarke, 2013).
The report reflects on the common themes emerging from the research (highlighting
gaps for further investigation) and makes recommendations to stakeholders on how
best to respond to young adult’s plea for help.

To read the full report please visit the link below …

About the author: Consultant and report author, Fabian Sharp, was Chief Executive
of The Avenues Youth Project (2017-2022); he previously designed and led area-
renewal programmes in North Paddington and was the initiator of the Queen’s Park
Community Council.
Researchers: Beth Ahmed, Walaa Kalam, Amaka Nnaji, Mar Tomas Rocha.

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