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Westminster Wheels

Get your career moving and earn whilst you learn as a trainee bike mechanic …

What’s on offer

  • Train as a bike mechanic in Westminster supported by expert trainers
  • Learn how to fix and repair bikes to be given back to the community
  • Complete training for the offer of a guaranteed interview for a trainee mechanic job
  • Trainee mechanic roles at a London living wage for 25 hours a week

How can I get involved

The project will provide accredited  training to young people aged  18 – 24 that live in Westminster leading into a six-month job with Westminster Wheels, paid at the London Living Wage, under the supervision of a very experienced mechanic. During the six months, young people  will be offered support to find a long-term career in the cycle industry. This will include working with local bike businesses supporting our project that desperately need more mechanics and people to work in the industry.

Taster days will take place in the week beginning January 11th 2021 and will be an opportunity for to find out if this field of work is for you.

If you are interested in attending the Taster Days please contact Liz to find out more and book a place by December 22nd 2020.

Mobile 07702 942 160

Westminster Wheels

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